• Facial Waxing
    Facial waxing is a long-lasting way to remove your hair because it removes it from the root. It can last up to two weeks. Since waxing removes the entire hair shaft, it will grow back naturally and without the stubbly look. A great benefit of waxing it that the more you wax, the less hair you'll grow because it damages the hair follicle and you'll see less hair each time you wax.
  • Body Waxing
    Body waxing can leave your skin free from hair for several weeks and is more affordable than laser hair removal. When you are regularly removing your hair, it becomes softer, finer and you have less hair. Make sure that your hair has grown out for about 7 to 10 days before your appointment. Body waxing can leave your skin with some temporary redness and you'll need to avoid the sun for 24-48 hours.

Beauty & Beyond Facial And Body Waxing


• Eyebrows Starting At $15.00
• Upper Lip Starting At $15.00
• Chin Starting At $15.00
• Cheeks Starting At $15.00
• Forehead Starting At $15.00
• Full Face Starting At $35.00
• Neck Starting At $15.00

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