• Hair Perms
    Add some volume to your hair with a perm! It is a chemical hair treatment that will add curl and body to your hair. A perm can last up to six months and less curly still after that. Your hair will be washed and wrapped on a perm rod and waving lotion is applied to the base. Your hair will then swell, stretches and softens while it molds around the shape of the rod for your amazing new look!
  • Hair Relaxers
    If your hair is just too kinky or curly for your liking, we can apply a relaxer to it. It makes hair less tangles and easier to straighten. It is applied to the base of the hair and is left in place to work it's magic. It is very important to let a professional do this. Putting any sort of chemical in your hair can be damaging and it requires the full attention of a professional stylist.

Beauty & Beyond Perms And Relaxers


• Perms Starting At $85.00
• All Over Relaxers Starting At $75.00
• Touchups On Relaxers Starting At $55.00

Extra Charge For More Relaxers $10.00

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