• Hair Extensions
    Are you looking for a brand new style in a matter of a few hours? Getting hair extensions is a great way to have a long hairstyle without having to wait to grow out your hair. They are also a great way to add some body to your hair. You can do anything to extensions that you would do to your regular hair. You can wash, curl, blow dry, straighten and dye them.
  • Professional Stylists
    Beauty & Beyond is proud to announce that all of our hair stylists have advance training in Intensify Extensions. Our professional stylists will assist you in picking out something that will make you look even better than you already do! Call us to schedule your appointment today!

Beauty & Beyond Hair Extensions


For everyone that is interested in our hair extensions services, our salon uses Georgie Hair which is 100% Remy human hair. Because there are so many factors that determine the price of this specific service (like how much hair you want added, the amount of hair you currently have, the amount of time it takes for the overall service, etc.) we are unable to give a definitive price. We encourage you to simply set up a consultation with one of our great stylists so we can help you pick the right color for your extensions, help you with tips on priming your hair for the service, and also give you an accurate price quote.

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